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Steiner Dental

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Our Vision

Steiner Dental is a community driven dental practice located in the Steiner Ranch community in Austin, Texas that treats patients of all ages.  Locally owned and operated by Steiner Ranch resident Dr. Meagan Scarborough, we are committed to providing value-based dental care for the whole family. As a local dentist, Dr. Meagan Scarborough strives to build life-long relationships with her patients and create an environment focused on transparency, comfort and excellence. 


Dr. Meagan Scarborough and her team provide the following areas of dental care to the Steiner Dental Family and communities of Steiner Ranch: general pediatric, endodontic and cosmetic dentistry.


At Steiner Dental, we believe our values set us apart as we provide excellent dental care for our patients. We have a strong culture held together by our values:

Honor family and each other to provide a family-friendly environment.

Keep a positive additude and mindset to create a fun atmosphere.

Strive for excellence in all things.

Provide patients with the best quality dentistry available, utilizing creativity, comfort and the highest level of tehnology.

Build trust with each patient and the team.

Be compassionate and professional.

Nurture each other and our patients.