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Crowns Vs Veneers

Crowns vs veneers is a valid question for a patient. In all honesty, it's a valid question for the dentist. Through my training as a cosmetic dentist

that the easiest way to explain this answer to the patient is referring to an M&M. That's right...even dentists talk about candy! Our teeth have similar anatomy to an M&M. The outer layer of the M&M is a hard shell. The outer layer to our tooth is a hard shell referred to as enamel. If you have a tooth that is missing the outer layer, then you have to replace it or you will slowly lose the height or thickness of your tooth over time. Considering crowns vs veneers is simply asking "how many walls of the tooth needs a new hard shell"? Once you think of this analogy, it will make the crown vs veneer question seem more clear. The tooth is like a box, having 5 walls to consider when restoring the shape. Now, you're asking yourself do I need a crown or a veneer? Start by counting the number of walls you would change the shape (or color) and it will then give you an idea of what your dentist will most likely recommend. Crowns vs veneers is not like asking which one is better...because if you are receiving the care you deserve, you are receiving the best option for that particular tooth! Did you know that most of the time, it is a combination of crowns vs veneers? For example, you want to restore the missing "hard shell" on 8 teeth. Your canines need crowns, your centrals need veneers and your laterals and premolars need crowns. From the front, those walls are all fluid to making an aesthetically, aligned smile. Choosing the experienced architect (dentist) of your smile gives you the confidence that your smile is customized and tailored to your lips, eyes, bite (occlusion) and age. Crowns vs veneers is often an inter changeable term used by the patient...and dentist! I know for me, I often discuss my conversations in terms of veneers because it has a more positive, psychological response from the patient! Veneers sound exciting, rewarding, beautiful, conservative, elective (optional), youthful... I know, I see it in your eyes when I say it. Veneers aren't always covered by insurance so it makes patients think that they are optional. Unfortunately, insurance is designed to cover things that are in a state of disease not health. If you wait until your insurance will cover a state of disease, which in this case we call occlusal disease, then you will need more than a veneer vs crown decision. Evaluate your smile, start counting the walls that you see breaking down. If your outer shell is weak, chipping, discoloring then you should start discovering your treatment options early. If you feel like your counting more walls and want to rehabilitate your smile, schedule your consultation. Crowns vs veneers is common and your question is valid! Consider a virtual consultation with Dr. Meagan Scarborough or call to go over your options in person. Your smile you have now was given to you at age 14. Expect to want to look different than you were at 14 years old! Update your smile with veneers or crowns with our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Meagan Scaborough.

This is a live video of Dr. Meagan Scarborough designing her patient's temporary veneers. At Bee Creek Dental, you will wear temporary veneers for 2-3 weeks to test drive your new smile. Our design consultation gives you opportunities to see which teeth need veneers, which teeth need crowns and what shade of teeth you can choose from. Our all porcelain veneers are made by our custom laboratories, Utah Valley Dental Lab and Corona Arts Dental Lab.

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