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Featured Cosmetic Dentist

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Meagan Scarborough, was a featured dentist for the Utah Valley Dental Lab and Functional Aesthetics course with Dr. David Hornbrook. Dr. Meagan Scarborough and her patient attended a two month course in Utah recreating the aesthetics of her patient's smile. Patient, R.W., had occlusal damage to her teeth over the years of untreated malocclusion (misaligned teeth) and nightly clenching. Invisalign orthodontic treatment was utilized to treat the malocclusion, but the aesthetics of the smile had been damaged. Remember the crowns vs veneers question? Well, it was evident that each tooth in the aesthetic region had different scenarios as far as missing tooth structure. A combination of crowns and veneers were treated and the patient was able to test drive her new smile.

A test drive is just like it sounds. You experience the way it looks, feels and drives! Any areas that need improvement are completed during the test drive phase so changes can be made with our laboratory prior to finalizing the treatment.

Picture captured above was the day Dr. Meagan Scarborough transformed her patient's smile! Dr. Meagan Scarborough was captured at a live patient course under the mentorship of Dr. David Hornbrook, Dr. Dan Aneszko and other highly experienced professionals.

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